About UNCERTAIN Magazine

UNCERTAIN Magazine is an independent contemporary analog photography magazine, founded in November, 2017.

Our vision is to grow into a community that aims to initiate exchange, dialogue, diverse projects and ideas. Witnessing the revival of analog photography, the goal is to help promote the movement gathering inspiring artists and not only showcasing their work but also encouraging them to create, alone or together with other artists, in other words stimulating collaborations.

UNCERTAIN Magazine is about the certain feeling of uncertainty when you shoot on film, is about the feeling that comes to you when you create something.

Up until now we released three online issues and a special edition.

In the first six months, our hashtag #uncertainmag was used on Instagram in more than 20k posts and we are followed by 3.5k people.

We are encouraging photographers to tag us on Instagram so we can feature their most inspiring works on our account. To be featured on the website, artists can submit their work by emailing us or accessing this page.

Because of our love for music and live performances we are also interviewing bands and when possible photograph them or document festivals (here).