BUNNY: A Super 8 Film by Lars Kemnitz


New Super 8 Short Film by Lars Kemnitz
Starring Heidrun Fiedler and Jan Katzenberger

A woman, a man, a hotel room and a creepy bunny mask – that is all you need to know about this mysterious short film made for the 2019 edition of the renowned Straight 8 competition in London. Probably, there are as many valid interpretations of the story as there are viewers. But hey, isn’t that something we all love about films – that they stay with us after watching, fueling our imagination and haunting us in our dreams?!

Doing a Straight 8 film is certainly the most challenging way to make a film, but at the same time a really rewarding experience. You shoot a whole film on one cartridge of super 8 with only in-camera edits and an original score produced blindly.

It was the first time for me to do a film that way. I had wanted to make a film for a long time, but somehow I never felt ready for it. I never had enough faith in me. However, in autumn last year, on a cozy Sunday, I wrote the script in half an hour after having been inspired by a fashion picture in a magazine that showed a model with a bunny mask. And I though, yeah, that’s it. We shot the whole film on one afternoon in January this year in a hotel room in Hamburg.

Straight 8 is really a crazy thing, but it gets you going and prevents you from thinking too much about every shot. You have to believe that what you’re doing is good. Quite hard sometimes, but I’m used to working like this through analogue photography. So I just expanded my range from still to moving images which feels kind of natural to me. I can truly say that this film – “BUNNY” – got me hooked to do more films now and in the future.

Lars Kemnitz


Heidrun Fiedler

Jan Katzenberger

Lars Kemnitz (b 1988) is a visual artist and creative director based in Hamburg, Germany. Since he discovered his passion for photography at university in the late 2000s, he has continually been shaping and developing his own visual language and vision. Today he also experiments with the medium of film which seems natural as his fascination for cinema has always served as a major source of inspiration; it reflects in his work when he blends cinematic story-telling with fashion, documentary and art influences to explore topics mostly dealing with the imaginative, the mystical, the cryptic, the suggestive and the subconscious.