Alexa by Ophelia

Alexa by Ophelia

Alexa is one of the actresses I was lucky to work with. I’ve been really drawn to actors lately – they fascinate, mesmerize and surprise me. To me, actors and actresses convey their very own unconventional beauty and hold an exceptional aesthetic. Each and every one of them has their unique expression, a certain glimpse I’m so eager to portray.

Actors and actresses don’t pose like models, they move their body rather lyrically and sometimes even a little odd – an ideal premise for the kind of photos I desire to take.

They are also in on every weird idea or concept that crosses my mind, no questions asked. In this case, Alexa was willing to let me cover her body and face in gold leaves, uncomplainingly holding up impossible poses until I was finally pleased with the composition and (most of all) putting up with snippets of gold that will arguably cover her apartment for all eternity.

Model: Alexa Harms (@alexahrms)

Ophelia is a film photographer based in Hamburg