UNCERTAIN Magazine Issue #3 – WOMAN

UNCERTAIN Magazine Issue #3 – WOMAN is out now!

When we came up with the idea for the third issue, the reasons behind it were a mix of (recent) events and most importantly, the need to celebrate women.

From questions like „what makes me a woman”, the feeling of not being good enough or the pressure women experience daily in order to meet certain expectations, to the trouble of finding their place in different types of societies – 220 pages later, here it is: the “WOMAN” issue.

Throughout this issue you will learn more about female artists’ techniques and motivations, different perspectives on the ”womanhood” conversation and how women inspire each other and the unique bonds between them.

We talked to Eva Selesin about intimacy, anonymity, the need to express herself in a world full of prejudice and taboos, but managing to do so through photography. Then there is Chris Turner whose portraits of incredible women seem to be united by the same relentless drive to create. In a powerful essay, Sandra Nicolaescu points to what it is all about sometimes when it comes to being a woman. And then there is the female presence, her radiance and at times, her moving absence.

No matter the line of the story, you will acknowledge the power and courage that somehow prevail over everything else.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who opened their hearts and contributed to this issue!

UNCERTAIN Magazine Team