UNCERTAIN Magazine Issue #5 – ISSUE5

UNCERTAIN Magazine Issue #5 – ISSUE5 is OUT NOW

The idea behind the fifth issue of UNCERTAIN came from a human need: to open up. We invited you to examine your life and to tell us what’s on your mind. We wanted to see what exactly has been bothering you lately or what issues in your life do you think have been left unresolved.

From a touching essay on death written by the singer-songwriter and actress, Chrysta Bell Zucht, to a series of photographs showing the horrific reality of sexual assaults as documented by Amber McDonnell on the streets of the city she lives in, for this issue we have selected work that got us thinking and that will stay with us for a very long time, as we are sure will happen to our readers too.

Transitions to different stages of life, fighting our own demons and then leaving everything behind, questions of identity, a study on the way we are perceived on the outside, hedonism as a trigger for depression, loneliness and cravings for stability, regaining intimacy with oneself, letting go and coping with the disappearance of a loved one. You left us with the feeling that we have created a safe space for all of your stories. It takes courage and trust to open up like that and we are truly grateful for all of the powerful work and words we have received.

Working on issue 5 was itself surrounded with issues – whether it was the incapacity to properly make use of time, moments of uncertainty or just life and its ways of interfering and making us start all over again. However, here it is – 50 incredible artists for the 5th issue and 50 different ways of experiencing life.

UNCERTAIN Magazine Team


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