UNCERTAIN Magazine Special #1

UNCERTAIN Magazine Special #1

We couldn’t help it and got you something.

A few days after we released the very first issue of Uncertain Magazine at the beginning of December, we felt the need to create another one, a special issue, reuniting some of the artists we featured up until now. It felt natural to put them all together and create some beauty, so we are now inviting you to stop for a second and unravel the story they tell together.

Since the time we were just bouncing ideas, our main wish was to create a community, a place where artists can submit their work not just like a one-time thing, but whenever they feel like they have something to share, and keep us posted with their updates, get in touch with other artists, collaborate or just socialize. We are happy to say that things are starting to shape up.

Therefore, here it is – a special issue, where you will find a special interview, not published before and also the first one we took, a poem, a lot of intimacy and emotions, you’ll travel to New York and to Los Angeles in a great documentarist way – you will feel analog photography at its best.

We are thankful for all your support during these two months, we’re looking forward to a new year of creativeness and we’re ready to have our minds blown away!

Happy Holidays!