With(in) You by Helene Vienna

With(in) You by Helene Vienna

Photography has been my one outlet where I started off completely alone and has now moved me into a circle filled with support. It is one thing to learn on your own and another to get constructive feedback from outside. I believe both are necessary to grow as a creative. Helene Vienna

Emma and I randomly met last July while she was traveling through Europe. Two sentences into our conversation we both knew we wanted to collaborate. Shortly before Christmas she came to visit me.

We talked about different approaches to photography and what it means to have people who believe in what you do, who believe in you. Looking at what we have created together, my heart sighs. Do you know that feeling when someone looks at you and you simply know that you are understood? That is what happened. That is what makes me want to grow.

Model: Emma (@kyotocatnip)

Helene Vienna is a film photographer based in Dusseldorf.

My work started with a focus on self-portraits, in 2013, and has since shifted to collaborating with others. In the beginning of 2017, I started to travel to those, who’ve been inspiring me, and to either take portraits of them or let them take mine.