Eva and Olivia by Ophelia

Eva and Olivia by Ophelia

Eva and Olivia aren’t just friends and roommates, they are sisters. Not only do they have striking personalities, they are also beautiful human beings, each in her own unique way. When I got to know Eva and Olivia, I immediately felt the strong urge to portray them together. Even though they have different looks and expressions, the pair forms a unified whole.

At first I was worried whether I would be able to portray two people at once, whether I could emphasize their individual features yet still bring their oneness into being. But when we locked ourselves up in their bedroom for three hours, talking, laughing, exchanging thoughts and memories, all the tension swept right away.

I’m always concerned that people in front of my camera might feel uneasy, but Eva and Olivia gave me the greatest compliment I could ever imagine. „We didn’t feel sexualised at all, we didn’t even notice we were naked at all. We’re just so comfortable and at ease. It’s like we’re children again, playing in the bathtub together“, they said.

Creating this series was nothing but joy to me and I’m grateful that I got to connect with two souls as beautiful as Eva’s and Olivia’s.


Ophelia is a film photographer based in Hamburg