Invasion by Amber McDonnell

Invasion by Amber McDonnell

With this project I’m addressing the importance of tackling sexual assaults, highlighting just how many cases of this happen with no repercussions for the perpetrators.

The media has been a big help in recent years, women and men are starting to find their voices and gain more confidence in coming forward to tell their stories but still many rapists are getting away with it. The horrific reality is that many rapists are getting off with warnings for rape because they are worried about prison damaging the rest of their lives, disregarding the people they committed the crime upon. This is a great injustice and I will no longer watch and stand by idly, I decided that I would use photography as my tool to spread awareness to those who remain in the dark about the cruel world that surrounds them everywhere.

When I started this project, I was taken aback by how many sexual assaults happen in my own city, looking on the local crime statistics I was disgusted, almost every street I turn down it has happened.

The system needs to be challenged and victims to be taken seriously.


Amber McDonnell is a British film photographer

The series “Invasion” by Amber McDonnell is part of the fifth issue of UNCERTAIN Magazine – ISSUE5