Street Portraits by Alex Gillaspy

Street Portraits by Alex Gillaspy

This series is a collection of street portraits taken from all over the world.

Each photo is shot on 35mm and every subject is a perfect stranger, whom agreed on the spot to have their photo taken.

The series attempts to blend the line between classic portraiture and the spontaneity of street photography.

Angel (NY)
Joan & Ray (CA)
Models (CPH)
Models (CPH)
Oshima (JP)
Jerry (KY)
Model (NYC)
Ollie (KY)
Joe & Eddie (NV)
James & Clay (KY)
Brian & Michael (KY)
Donnie (KY)
Haskal (KY)
Chris (KY)
Jerry (KY)
Joy (CA)
Gregorio (CA)
Joaquin (CA)
Sandy (NV)

Alex Gillaspy is a director, photographer & screenwriter based in Copenhagen + NYC