#WorldWidePortraits by Pablo Giori

#WorldWidePortraits by Pablo Giori

The #FilmSwapWorldWide project was created by swapping film rolls between different cities around the world. At this moment, more than 40 cities and photographers participate in this international project of visual and intercultural dialogue.

In this process, we understood that with the double exposure we could break the visual education that they had given us and that experimental photography was the perfect tool to carry out this visual reflection.

On the other hand, the film swap breaks with the modern, impersonal and virtual dynamics proposed by social networks since it is based on a concrete object that passes from hand to hand, a half exposed film by another photographer. This generates that a large part of the responsibility for the final result of the double exposures falls on chance. #WorldWidePortraits is a selection of the best portraits created in this project in the last year. Pablo Giori

PabloGiori-1 Barcelona-Padua with @boiaserego.studio
Barcelona – Padua with @boiaserego.studio
PabloGiori-2 Barcelona-Amsterdam with @parnsant
Barcelona – Amsterdam with @parnsant
PabloGiori-3 Barcelona-Harrisburg @film_is_more_fun,
Barcelona – Harrisburg with @film_is_more_fun
PabloGiori-4 Barcelona-Krakow with @palyvoda_photo
Barcelona – Krakow with @palyvoda_photo
PabloGiori-5 Barcelona-Valtellina with @lauraligari
Barcelona – Valtellina with @lauraligari
PabloGiori-6 Barcelona-Tartu with @epp_mrdi
Barcelona – Tartu with @epp_mrdi
PabloGiori-7 Barcelona-Moscow with @jazzonthe45s
Barcelona – Moscow with @jazzonthe45s
PabloGiori-8 Barcelona-Cheboksary with @photoyad
Barcelona – Cheboksary with @photoyad
PabloGiori-9 Barcelona-Montevideo with @mica.de.bon
Barcelona – Montevideo with @mica.de.bon
PabloGiori-10 Barcelona-Praga with @nikol_u
Barcelona – Praga with @nikol_u
PabloGiori-11 Barcelona-Tanger with @parnsant
Barcelona – Tanger with @parnsant
PabloGiori-12 Barcelona-Vila-real with @cralisare
Barcelona – Vila-Real with @cralisare
PabloGiori-13 Barcelona-Medellín with @laurauribe_
Barcelona – Medellín with @laurauribe_
PabloGiori-14 Barcelona-Lille with @odildeuxmille
Barcelona – Lille with @odildeuxmille
PabloGiori-15 Barcelona-Tanger with @parnsant
Barcelona – Tanger with @parnsant
PabloGiori-16 Barcelona-Moscow with @jazzonthe45s
Barcelona – Moscow with @jazzonthe45s

Pablo Giori is a self-taught photographer who works with experimental analog photography, focusing on the technique of double exposure and film swaps. As a curator he has organized more than a dozen exhibitions about the work of Pere Català, BADEM and the #FilmSwapWorldWide project.

He is obsessed with the idea of film’s materiality in opposition to the virtuality of contemporary photographic practices. Enriching both aspects, his work with the film swap allows him to connect with a worldwide network of photographers by Instagram and postal mail in order to create material dialogues between cities and photographers.