Omas Kleiderschrank by Megan Auer

“The series “Omas Kleiderschrank” (Granny’s Closet) is inspired by vintage fashion. When we sat down together, we knew immediately that we wanted to shoot the series in the most sustainable way possible. So, we decided to use only the stuff we could find at our grandmas, aunties and so on.” – Megan Auer

Cars by Zeno Gill

“Normally when I’m shooting, I shoot portraits of humans and put effort into excluding ugly contemporary cars from the shots, so it was refreshing to hunt older cars with personality and shoot portraits of them.” – Zeno Gill

High Strangeness by Justin Hashaw

Images from a project titled “High Strangeness”. They are shot on expired 35mm film and given a portrait aesthetic in post production. Justin Hashaw’s inspiration is drawn from his appreciation of low budget exploitation and grind house films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.