Instagram Highlights #2

We are amazed by how engaged you have been with our magazine from the very beginning. We want to thank you for submitting, tagging, sharing and spreading the word. We are truly grateful for having such wonderful artists around. Making the selection for this week’s Instagram Highlights made it even clearer for us. Enjoy!  

Laure – La Gineste by Frédéric Agius

For this series Frédéric Agius wanted to emphasize the movement, particularly using the visual effects of multiple exposure on film. Together with his model Laure, they decided to capture in a frame dynamic moments using a gymnast’s ribbon.     Frédéric Agius is a film photographer currently based in in the south of France. You

A Series by Lennart Normann

I am concerned to show the viewer a subtle way to the interface, where thinking is transformed into feeling. The atmosphere, symbolism and the transport of emotions are more important to me than telling stories or documentation of the outside world. Beyond revealing the essentials of my subject via reduction and the abstract observation of

Instagram Highlights #1

Rounding up some of our favorite photographs that used #uncertainmag on Instagram over the last week. We are always on the lookout for inspiring artists. Use our hashtag to get featured on our weekly “Instagram Highlights” section.   @le_moon_le_soleil   @reganbrant   @eeyeswideopen   @behind_those_clouds   @indaedrq   @colinaherne   @brendanosiridean   @felix_gm_photography   @hello_susanros

A Series by Kübra Topçu

Kübra Topçu’s series is about a childish yet powerful woman who is trapped in her loneliness. What makes her survive this feeling is her childhoodness. While everything is surrounded by the sea and the loneliness of the beach, Kübra breaks that sensation, reflecting the freedom of the colors red and yellow. “When we are stuck

Form by Celeste Ortiz

In this series I tried to look at the body closely in an abstract way, searching for the geometry of lines and curves formed by skin, color, shadow and light.   Celeste Ortiz is a photographer based in Chile dedicated mostly to self portraiture. You can follow her work on Instagram, Facebook or Cargocollective

Pieces by Jeffrey Mckee

The series is about interconnectedness. There are no faces, as faces are loaded with information and context. Only parts of bodies are shown. We all have things and pieces that make up our bodies, and we are all connected in that way and many others.     Jeffrey Mckee  is a photographer and graphic designer

Berlin by Irina Munteanu

48h in Berlin First encounters This time I felt closer to the neighborhood and the apartment rather than the city itself so instinctively I focused more on documenting the proximity. There was this strange mix between familiarity, comfort and anxiety.   Irina Munteanu is a film photographer based in Bucharest and the curator of the