Chrysta Bell: My Issue is Death

“I want to promote greater awareness to alternative, more earth-friendly options for end-of-life rituals that western culture has turned away from in recent times.” // The essay “Death is My Issue” written by musician and actress Chrysta Bell is part of the fifth issue of UNCERTAIN Magazine – ISSUE5

UNCERTAIN Magazine Issue #5 – ISSUE5

From a touching essay on death written by the singer-songwriter and actress, Chrysta Bell Zucht, to a series of photographs showing the horrific reality of sexual assaults as documented by Amber McDonnell on the streets of the city she lives in, for this issue we have selected work that got us thinking and that will stay with us for a very long time, as we are sure will happen to our readers too.

Omas Kleiderschrank by Megan Auer

“The series “Omas Kleiderschrank” (Granny’s Closet) is inspired by vintage fashion. When we sat down together, we knew immediately that we wanted to shoot the series in the most sustainable way possible. So, we decided to use only the stuff we could find at our grandmas, aunties and so on.” – Megan Auer