Cars by Zeno Gill

“Normally when I’m shooting, I shoot portraits of humans and put effort into excluding ugly contemporary cars from the shots, so it was refreshing to hunt older cars with personality and shoot portraits of them.” – Zeno Gill

A Chat with Balthazar

After both Warhaus and J. Bernardt played separately, the Balthazar fever was bound to happen and it took over Control Club for two days. The band delivered a playful and atmospheric show and we were there to capture it and ask a few questions about their new album.

High Strangeness by Justin Hashaw

Images from a project titled “High Strangeness”. They are shot on expired 35mm film and given a portrait aesthetic in post production. Justin Hashaw’s inspiration is drawn from his appreciation of low budget exploitation and grind house films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.